Enthralled by the world of magic, the circus and entertainment in general, Philippe Rousseau and Carl Chang have worked together for decades along with the most talented and respected artists in the world.

In 1991 OID Magic was created, offering children specially adapted products, directly inspired from professional props.

Today their brand Megagic represents the symbol that has enchanted and aided many aspiring magicians.

The partnerships established with some of the biggest stars in the magic industry and the circus allows Megagic to produce products that help and inspire children to perform tricks and acts that truly surprise and impress their families and peers.

Not to be mistaken for a simple prank or gadget which are often disappointing, each item has been created and tested by professionals to ensure the most astounding results.

The masters in magic, the circus and quick change artistry endorse our products with which they have been involved - 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Entertaining is in our genes! To aid this we at Megagic are constantly striving to produce new and more surprising innovations using the knowledge and advice of the leaders in the world of games and recreation, table games, educational games, outdoor games etc. etc.

We believe in the power of magic and wonder to bring generations together in a friendly and fun environment. Parents, children, adolescents and adults alike all like to astound and impress their friends. Everybody appreciates sharing fun times and happy memories.

At a friend's, in your own home, in a night club, in the garden, on the beach ....... Megagic can offer you the possibility to have fun and impress your entourage.