All the magic tricks in our collection require no manipulation and are very easy to perform.

Even though they are easy, certain of our tricks demand a little more practice before they can be presented perfectly.

Our colour codes help the customer to identify each box and its contents.A magic trick in accordance with the customer’s experience, can be chosen at a glance.

On the back of each box, a precise description of the trick enclosed, is explained in 6 languages.

With the co-operation of Jean-Pierre Vallarino, one of the most talented close-up magicians known today, we are proud to present to you a whole range of magic tricks that give the same effects as professional illusions but which can be performed by even very young children, who have had no previous training.

Avec le concours de Jean-Pierre Vallarino, l’un des plus talentueux magiciens de sa génération, nous sommes heureux de vous faire découvrir toute une gamme de magie spécialement étudiée pour réaliser très rapidement et dès le plus jeune âge des effets similaires à ceux des magiciens professionnels.

  • Many time world prize winner.
  • Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians U.S.A.
  • U.S.A. Master of Magic.
  • Japanese Master of Magic.
  • Animator on many televised magic shows in the U.S.A.
  • Recognised and admired by fellow professionals as a great inventor.
  • This French magician is also known as a talented teacher, International

(Conference attendant and founder of the first International School of Magic and Illusionism.).

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