No keys are required to open the padlocks, only a great capacity for thought, analysis and logic. One needs to be patient and methodical to advance step by step without jumping ahead of oneself! A good memory is fundamental in finding the solution to this puzzle which is quite simply a work of art. Once the solution has been worked out a final process must be followed to arrive at the end game.



This enigma contains two challenges, giving double the enjoyment to those who enjoy problem solving. A logical mind is required to correctly fit the 7 initial rectangles, then followed by 8 smaller pieces within the 8 sections of the puzzle. But that’s not all! Using a brilliant and simply magical manipulation the last challenge is to shift the bottom frame, transforming the 8 rectangle sections into 7 identical rows.



How to fit 5 try squares into the defined area of the frame? On face value the challenge appears simple enough but in time reveals itself to be an intimidating challenge. Because each part is measured so precisely, to within a tenth of a millimetre many participants come to the conclusion that it is impossible to complete. Only with formidable insight and great patience can the solution be found to this impressive puzzle.



This amazing tray of numbers contains 462 individual brain teasers to amuse and perplex all the family. From the easiest to most complex of conundrums everyone will find their on limit and be thoroughly entertained. The 6 dice indicate the 6 numbers that must not be covered. Each puzzle is very different from the last. Time limited puzzles are also fun and can be organised between friends as challenging party games.



The question is how to open this very attractive Japanese box, which also doubles as a sophisticated sitting room ornament? A great deal of analysis is required to identify where the box opens before the secret mechanism can be deciphered. The solution? It is hidden inside the box! Don’t panic however as anyone who loses their patience can obtain helpful clues by using their secret activation code on our website.

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