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"QUICK CHANGE COSTUME SET WORLD FIRST !!!! In partnership with the world famous ARTURO BRACHETTI, MEGAGIC is proud to present the first ever «Magic Quick Costume Change» for children. A girl dressed in a magnificent pink princess gown will change in the fraction of a second and in front of her friends and family into a beautiful regal Queen’s regalia. Available in 2 sizes, from 6 to 9 years old. The world´s most prolific quick costume change artist is Arturo Brachetti (Italy), who changed costume 22,500 times during 250 performances of the show L´Homme Aux Mille Visages, Paris, France in 2001–2002. His quickest costume change including shoes is 2 seconds, from black tail suit to white in full view of the audience. Arturo proved his ability changing from a black tuxedo into a costume with cow-like patterns in less than 2 seconds on the set of ‘Lo Show dei Record’ in Milan, Italy on 5 January 2006. He has changed costumes more than 250,000 times in his career and his private wardrobe consists of over 350 specially designed costumes. "

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